Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Spotlight on Crochet Tools

With all the interest from our customers in crochet these days, we decided to add some new hook choices to our notions wall.

As with knitting needles, there is quite a choice when it comes to crochet hooks. They're available in different shapes and materials, and the prices will vary from model to model. The best thing to do is to come in and ask our staff to test one... we've got some samples in our "tool drawer" in the shop and we're happy to let you sit and hook a bit while you decide which hook you are most comfortable using.

We've always carried the Boye Aluminum Crochet Hooks. I like these because they are lightweight and have a flat section for my thumb. I find they are really comfortable to use, and they are so inexpensive that I don't lose my cool when I lose a hook.
The bamboo hooks from Clover are another great option. They lack the flat section, but they have a really nice tip, and are really lightweight. Our customers who use wooden knitting needles tend to go for these hooks.
Brand new for us is the Addi Plastic Crochet Hook, which is super light and easy to use. We've got so many people using larger yarns (like Burly Spun) and making items like baskets and rugs, that we just HAD to bring in these hooks. They're awesome!
Also new is this nifty shaped hook - the Addi Swing Crochet Hook. These are my favorites! They're made of two plastics - one that's a bit firmer, and one that's softer - and they offer just the right amount of flexibility. I love the fact that they are so ergonomic, and each one is a different color.
Don't forget, for the crochet fiends out there, we also offer two interchangeable crochet hook sets, one from Denise and one from Addi Turbo

So pick your tools, make sure they work well for you, and let the hooking commence!

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