Sunday, May 20, 2012

One Rug Down

I've been working on this large scale crochet project for a two and a half months now. And I finally finished! The rug I started in the beginning of March was intended for the girls' patio. March was way too early to need it - the temperatures were still frightfully cold. But now we're approaching June and this week our temperatures are headed for the upper 60s and low 70s! So I knew I had to pull this out and finish it, right away. My girls want to use their patio and they're asking for their new rug!

After I posted this picture in March I realized I was headed down the wrong path. 
Attempt #1. Was completely ripped out.
The woman in the shop here gave me no pattern, and I am certainly NOT an advanced crocheter. I'm getting better, that's for sure, but this jersey yarn is HUGE! And the hook, again, HUGE! And for me to just wing something like this was pretty scary. I crocheted a few more rounds of the rug after I took the picture above, and then I ripped out THE ENTIRE THING. It hurt. It really hurt! That was a lot of work.

But I started again and I think my second attempt was much better. I didn't try to do anything tricky - since really, who am I to pull a tricky crochet maneuver? I thought it would be better to stick with the basics this time, because I really am a beginner at this wing-it-crochet-rug-stuff. I did switch to my new Addi Plastic Crochet Hook that I picked up last week in the shop. I love it! It made the crocheting go so much faster because it was more comfortable to hold this hook.

I finished the rug this evening and I love it. More importantly, THEY love it. They keep telling me how great it is and what a good job I did. 
Just finished! It was SO hot working on this on my patio in the sun.
There are plenty of flaws I can point out, but I won't show them. I'll just make my next one BETTER!
In its new home on the girls' patio. Ready for use!

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