Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A whole lotta NEW

contributed by Barb

Jill was visiting from Finland last week and she was kept very busy visiting with sales reps and looking at new yarns for fall and winter.  Some new things that we ordered last week have already arrived and so now the real fun begins! We've got new yarns and new colors in the shop.

Today we received new yarns, new patterns and new colors of existing yarns from Plymouth Yarn Company.  We will get them on the website just as quickly as we can, but here is a peek and some hints: 

1) Think ruffles... new yarn in great colors
2) Remember the sadly discontinued Berroco Plush? We've got a substitution for it now!

3) We've got an excellent new sock yarn that would be perfect for a popular Knit Bot pattern!
New patterns!
These are all new Plymouth Encore Colors!
This whole table is full of new yarns!
 Come in and check them out!

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