Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh My these colors are great!

Plymouth Oh My! Yarn has been one of our favorite baby yarns for years now. It's a 100% fuzzy nylon that is amazingly soft to knit with, and amazingly soft to wear!

When customers see the cute green jacket we've got made up in the shop, it's usually the first thing they want to make with this yarn.
The pattern is great because it has options for a little baby jacket with our without a hood, plus directions for a cute hat, in sizes 6 months up to 3T.
Plymouth Pattern 630
And while choosing the pattern may be simple, choosing the color you'll want to use could be a bit more difficult! In addition to the traditional pastel baby colors:

there are 2 multi colors:
and 5 fun brighter colors, including a great new blue and orange:
Options, options!

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