Thursday, April 27, 2006

New yarns for Fall 2006... already!

Spring is so early this year. The leaves are popping out and I actually had to mow my lawn at home yesterday! I don't think I've ever had to do it in April before.

And while it is just starting to feel like spring, I've already seen a lot of new fall 2006 yarns. On Tuesday I met with my Berroco rep and I'm really excited about what they have come up with! The yarns are really nice - they'll all be well received by our customers. And the patterns are great - nothing too far out. There are classic, basic sweaters that show fashion forward thinking, but not TOO forward.

One of my favorites is Keltic, a heavy worsted wool blend that has subtle color shadings. Wait until you see the spectacular throw pattern that uses this yarn! It combines two colors and is worked in pieces. What a great project - so portable! Trilogy is another favorite. I wasn't too sure about it when I first saw it but after a few minutes it really grew on me. There are some gorgeous patterns for it - it's really a jacket yarn, and the patterns prove it. My other favorite is Pure Merino - a heavenly machine washable merino in an amazing color range. It's so soft and knits up like a dream. Definitely a winner. And a number of free web patterns for this yarn!

My rep also sells Brown Sheep ( a couple new colors there) and Mountain Colors (three awesome new colors!) Unfortunately, Mountain Colors is still 12 weeks out for delivery! Ouch. But for some good things, we must wait... We also ordered new colors of Velvet Touch (this yarn is THE best for babies and kids. My girls wear their Velvet Touch sweaters daily, and so obviously they've been through the wash a million times, and they're still going strong!)

I've been slacking a bit on my knitting, I must admit. I was on vacation in the beginning of April, and I did make some progress on a Blue Sky Worsted cable vest, but since I've been home, other things have been calling out to me (the garden). I arrived home to find that the balance of our Koigu order had arrived. With all 40 some colors up on the wall, I became inspired to start up another Koigu project. I have been working on crocheting some pillowcases for my family room, and I was going to crochet an afghan. BUT, let's be realistic. That afghan was going nowhere. So I switched gears (rather yarns, and techniques...) and am now knitting an afghan out of Koigu. I brought in my two pillowcases, and picked out 5 colors of Koigu KPPPM , 1 Koigu KPM and 3 colors of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock to make a throw. I'm using the following: Koigu KPM 1300; KPPPMs 117, 316, 335, and two others that we only had one skein left each; and CTH Java, Cabin Fever, and Indian Summer. The result is impressive. Strip one of three is complete, and I am in love with it! I'm knitting double stranded on a US 10, in garter stitch and making simple diagonal strips. The striping is completely random, and the three strips will be pieced together so the striping pattern forms a zigzag. I'm estimating about 14 skeins of Koigu and 3 skeins of CTH Supersock. After completing the first strip, I think those estimates are right on. It looks great and it's so much fun to see the colors evolve!

Barb brought in the lacy camisole she's making with Colinette Lasso in Monet. It is absolutely gorgeous! What a fun yarn. She is heading to CT this weekend and it was to be her weekend knitting, but we needed a skein of Lasso in Monet to complete an internet order, so she's going to start a gorgeous lace scarf out of Rowan Kid Silk Haze. Hey, our customers come first!