Friday, December 30, 2005

Update on Charity Knitting

As promised, on Christmas Eve, we held our drawing for the two $75 gift cards. We had so many knitted items donated - hats, scarves, mittens, socks, and more. We received 280 items and want to thank everyone who participated. Our local winner was Maureen S. from VT, and our online winner was Donna L.F. from MN. They were both thrilled and can't wait to spend their gift cards!

My daughters were thrilled with their new hats! I followed the Handpaint Hat pattern but went down one size needle. They fit perfectly. They also love their fuzzy scarves, made with Velvet Touch and Sizzle.

My husband also received a custom made hat to replace one that was on its last legs. There's a story here... I knit him a hat about 3 years ago, out of a sportweight superwash wool. He opened it on Christmas Eve, and after about 30 seconds, he... said... it... ITCHED! I hear you all cringing, and I was pretty upset. Anyway, lesson learned (for him). Never make a negative comment (even if it's true!) about a handknitted item so SOON after it is given to you. Needless to say, I haven't made anything for him since, until this hat. I decided that I'd try again, but I involved him in every step of the process. Feeling the yarn, choosing the colors, trying it on every few rows before the decreases so it would be JUST right (he likes more of a beanie). He says it doesn't itch (it better not, it's Lana Grossa Cool Wool superwash merino, a yarn that is SO soft. We sell it in the shop, but have had delivery issues so it's not online.) And he has been wearing it every day since Christmas. I hope it doesn't come off as soon as he's out of my sight, but even if it does, he's learned his lesson. PRETEND you like it.

Most of us here finished MOST of our knitted presents. India finished the sweater for her oldest son before Christmas, and then finished the one for her youngest in the few days after, when she could openly knit before him (he had opened the pieces of the sweater on Christmas.) And her sister loved the three pair of legwarmers she received!

Betsy finished the felted slippers for her daughter in plenty of time, and even brought them in to dry here at the shop. Our upstairs heaters in the floor are great for drying felted items. She used two colors of Malabrigo (which is all finally back in stock!) She made self striping socks for her husband, and had some good natured fun at his expense - he first believed that she had NOT made them, and then he spent a good deal of time trying to figure out how she had done such a neat job of working with all those colors!