Thursday, May 03, 2012

Machine Wash Experiment

contributed by Shawn

I am loving my Greenway crochet afghan project so much that I picked out another crochet pattern to use for the second wedding afghan project of 2012.  I am going to try the Vortex Throw by Lisa Gentry

I really love the browns and greens used in the photos of this project so I am struggling to pick out some shades that will show off the swirl effect nicely, but that won't look exactly like the sample in the photo.  I also still want the afghan to be machine washable since it is a gift.  

I have not yet had a chance to work with the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece yarn and since we can get every single shade that is available from Brown Sheep, that makes the selection great! The catch is that the label recommends hand washing this yarn. The fiber content is mostly cotton (80%) with just a bit of wool (20%).  I wonder if it can be washed in the machine without too much shrinkage or felting? I am going to do a test! 
I picked out some nice blue-green shades, 1 skein each, and started the first block. It involves a bit of a strange start and I got Barb to get me going - I wasn't understanding the written directions - I'm a visual learner! Now that she helped me figure it out it is quite easy to continue the pattern.  My finished block measures about 16.5" square.  Now it is off to the washing machine to see what happens!

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