Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How sharp are you? (Or rather how sharp are your needles?)

There are so many types of knitting needles these days, and if you ask any knitter what the best needle is, you're bound to get a very opinionated answer. Ask 2 knitters, you'll get at least 2 different answers; 10 knitters, at least 10 different answers. Why? Well there really isn't any one answer, as it's all a matter of personal preference.

Luckily, we carry about a million needles. Well, not a million, but some days, when we are trying to explain the differences to customers, it FEELS like we carry a million. The bad thing about this? We have more details to remember! The good thing? It means a better selection for you.

Do you like wood, plastic or metal? Straight, double pointed or circular? More rounded tips or sharp, pointy tips? No matter what your preference, we've got it.

And speaking of sharper tips, our Hiya Hiya enthusiasts should take note! We've got the Interchangeable Kits with the sharp tips on order. They're available for pre-order and you can expect to see them here in the next month.

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