Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Expand your pattern library...

... and your vocabulary too! 

When I was back in Vermont a couple of weeks ago I was walking around the shop and stopped in the back room a moment to pet the Misti Alpaca Pima Silk Yarn. We stock 8 colors (5 multis and 3 solids) and they are all gorgeous! The blend of pima cotton and silk is incredibly soft and I knew that I had to get this yarn on my needles immediately.
We looked on Ravelry for a baby sweater that we could make with this yarn, and came across the Puerperium Sweater. It's free and simply adorable! I cast on in the Burlington Airport as I awaited my flight to Newark. It's a top down raglan, and I figured I'd be far along by the time we touched down in Newark. But, I had a really nice seatmate, and we chatted more than I'd anticipated, and by the time I was ready to knit, we hit some major turbulence, and both of my hands were gripping the armrests so that made it difficult to knit. I only got about 12 rows finished!

I did get more done on my long flight to Stockholm (when I wasn't trying to sleep!), and then a little more on my quick flight to Helsinki. I'm now finished and I love it! 
This sweater is the perfect newborn gift. Of course that's where it got its name...

I'd never heard of "puerperium" before. Have you? The definition is "the state of a woman during childbirth or immediately thereafter" or "the approximate six-week period lasting from childbirth to the return of normal uterine size".

Well, I just learned a new word, and perhaps you have too! 
Because I loved this yarn so much (and our customers do too) we've increased our offering from 8 to 14 colors! As soon as our order arrives, we'll have 9 multis and 5 solids. Aren't they gorgeous?
Can't wait for the new colors to arrive!

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