Thursday, May 17, 2012

Plush Lovers, Rejoice!

Boy we were bummed when Berroco discontinued Plush a few years ago. We LOVED that yarn. Perfect for baby blankets, baby hats, baby sweaters... everything baby! It was completely irresistible.

So, we were sad to say goodbye - and people who loved our Best Baby Blankie were sad too. It was the perfect little baby blanket and it made a special baby shower gift. These folks then used a few other yarns with our pattern, and while the blankets they made were cute, let's be real... they just weren't the same.

Last week in our crazy busy buying spree, we saw a new yarn from Plymouth and when our rep pulled it out of his little bag of tricks, both Barb and I inhaled sharply, opened our eyes REALLY wide and said, "PLUSH!!" 

Of course, we ordered it on the spot and the rest is history. Well, they processed our order, shipped it, we unloaded it, etc, etc. But all you need to know is that it's IN THE SHOP NOW, and online. And it's called Plymouth Adore.
It's available in great colors - 5 solids and 3 multis. Perfect for the blankie!
White, green, yellow, pink, blue & 3 great multis!
If you hear heavy breathing it's because we are really SO SO SO psyched to have this yarn (back!) in stock now. (I say "back" because honestly, it's Plush reborn.)

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