Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's Baaaaack!

Close your eyes, and think back to a time about 5-7 years ago, when novelty yarns were all the rage. Eyelashes weren't just on your eyes, they were on your scarves, and in every yarn shop across the country, including ours
I'm not saying we're going to be overrun with eyelash yarns again, but novelties are definitely back for the coming fall and winter season. We've already seen the rage with ruffle yarns (and there are some interesting new ruffle yarns coming out soon, just you wait!) and now we're seeing some old faces back in the crowd, like eyelash yarns.

We have ordered several of the better eyelashes, and the first one has arrived. It's by KFI and it's called Flutter. We've got 6 colors that are quite beautiful. We could have ordered some crazier colors, but we really felt that to do eyelash right (right NOW) we needed to stick to more elegant, rich colors.
So get those brains a spinning! Of course you can add this to any old beautiful scarf yarn, and it will look great in a felted bag, and pretty in a necklace... but what new things will you come up with this time around?

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