Monday, April 30, 2012


contributed by Shawn

This year I have a lot of wedding knitting to do.  Each summer for the last couple of years I've had one wedding amongst my friends and I've picked out an afghan project to be the gift that I give.  A couple of weeks ago I got this years' invitations. Yep, plural, as in the same day two invitations arrived for two separate weddings. (Fortunately, the weddings are not scheduled for the same day even though the invites arrived on the same day... whew!) So with 2 wedding gifts to knit, let the pattern choosing begin!

I like to choose the patterns first and then pick out the yarn. I think it's easier to do in that order even though I know I will need to use something machine-washable for both of these gifts.  In the past I've used Berroco Comfort yarn and I really like knitting with it so I started my pattern search in the Berroco Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans book.

When this book came out I started a list of the afghans in it I wanted to try.  I've already done a couple of them and I just couldn't decide on the style for the next one.  Barb has been teaching a lot of crochet students recently and this inspired Emily's suggestion to me to look more closely at the crochet patterns in the book.  I know how to crochet but I am much more likely to pick up a knitting project as I have much more knowledge and experience with knitting than I do with crochet techniques.   

So until now I haven't really considered the crochet patterns in the book. Several of them have been quite popular with our customers and when I took a closer look I really liked the colors and the striping diamond pattern in the Greenway pattern. Better yet, the stitches used in this afghan are basic ones and I knew this would be something that I could attempt myself with maybe a bit of help from Barb along the way. 

I picked out colors and I really like how it is coming together! I'm using Berroco Comfort in the following colors: Navy Blue (9763), Rabe (9754), Olive (9781), Sprig (9721), and Barley (9703).

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