Thursday, April 19, 2012

Preview of a New Yarn

I've been cooking up a crochet project in my head and was hoping to use a colorful yarn with a longer color repeat. Noro came to mind first, and I considered Silk Garden and Kureyon. But they are just too heavy for what I have in mind. 

The new Noro Ayatori is a perfect weight, but with it's 40% silk content and low yardage (155), the cost sky rocketed so I decided against it.

What about Zauberball? We've got this yarn in the shop in the fingering weight, and customers love it for shawls and socks. It would be perfect, but I thought that maybe a fingering weight crochet project would be pushing my luck. I want to finish a project, not just start one!

So I decided to get the Zauberball Starke 6 which is a DK weight. Perfect! I've started the project but won't work any more on it until next week. I'm chaperoning a trip to England with the girls and their class. Lots of bus, airport and plane time will be perfect for this project. I just had to start now to be sure I knew what I was doing!

Look for Zauberball Stark 6 on our shelves soon. And think socks, baby sweaters, gloves, and other accessories!

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