Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Manic-in Monday

It's becoming the norm to post Manic-in Monday outfits on Tuesdays. That's because Mondays are truly MANIC in the shop, and yesterday was no exception! There's always a post-holiday buzz down in the shop, and when we have yarns on sale online, shipping is hopping all day.

We had the most gorgeous dumpage of snow this weekend. At my house in Williston, we had about 6" during the day Saturday, with another 18" overnight, and it continued throughout the day Sunday, giving us at least another 6-8" bringing the total to over 30"! Lots of snow means lots of shoveling, and many of us are still feeling the effects of all that snow clearing in our aching arms, shoulders and backs.

I wasn't sure what our mannequin would be wearing when I arrived at the shop yesterday morning, but I was pleased to see that she followed up her fancy-pants outfit from last week with more sensible handknits, that are perfect for the task-at-hand... shoveling.
She chose a timeless sweater that shows she's a true Vermonter (yay, Green Mountain Spinnery!) and some warm felted mitts and a super thick earflap hat. She's proof that you can look great even while doing the most mundane of chores.

Shovel: Garant Alpine Series snow shovel, available at your local Aubuchon

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Susan T. said...

That's so funny! Love it.