Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Next Noro project

Well, it's certainly nothing special or out of the ordinary, but that's okay. Sometimes you need a break from a current knitting project (one that is lace, on size 2 needles and makes your hands ache) and this is my "break" project.It's Noro Taiyo (new for us a few weeks ago) and I just love this yarn! Mostly cotton and silk (with a touch of wool and nylon thrown in), this yarn is really quite soft. And colorful, of course.

I'm doing a stupidly simple baby blanket, from the center out, with 8 increases (2 at each corner) every other row. Could it get any easier? Not really. Oh, and I threw in a teeny bit of reverse stockinette, you know... so I wouldn't fall out of my chair from boredom.

So far, so good. I know if I had a baby now, I'd want one of these!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I like that blankey out of Noro. Where can I find the pattern? Thank you. Bonnie

Jill said...

Hi Bonnie! Check out the free patterns page on our website. I posted it there for everyone. Enjoy!