Friday, January 29, 2010

Knitting Excitement

Today I am excited about knitting and I can't wait to finish my sweater...even though it is a tiny sized one this time around. The first class of the First Time Sweater Workshop was this week and there was fun to be had and knitting to share.
I can't finish my sweater, even though I want to! I'm knitting along with everyone else so I can show them how to work each step. For this class, they are working the back of the sweater, the back decreasing, the front of sweater, the front decreasing and neck shaping.
Next class they will cast on for the first sleeve, work on sleeve increases and decreases, and repeat for the second sleeve.,
In the third class I will show them how to piece everything together with proper seaming techniques, picking up stitches for the collar and binding off! The process is wonderful, but sometimes I just want to rush ahead to completion. It's really hard to leave it unfinished. Besides this is such a glorious shade of red...I can't wait for next class!

Yarn: Berroco Vintage Yarn
Sweater Pattern: Yankee Knitter Roll Raglan Sweater Pattern #21 (pieces are for size 1 sweater)

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