Saturday, January 16, 2010

Swatching, swatching, swatching

You read that correctly, this week finds me making swatches. I am getting things ready for our Knitting Tips and Tricks class this afternoon so I've been working up examples.

This class is full, and filled up quickly! Sorry! We'll be offering it again soon so stay tuned.

We do have some other great classes going right now, so take a moment to peruse the list of other possible classes that we have scheduled through the end of February.

I am looking forward to many of the technique classes and wish that it were possible to attend them all myself. It is always so much fun to get together with other people who enjoy knitting and share knowledge and learn a little something to improve my knitting skills.

I'm really looking forward to the First Time Sweater (now full) and the Quincy Hat classes because these are project based and it will be fun to have a 'knit along' for both of these projects. I might even be tempted to start the Kiwassa Shawl because Barb has been working on it for the Beginning Lace class, and it's really cooL! I just LOVE the Madeline Tosh Lace that she is using to work it up.

If lace isn't your thing, join Emily for the Toe-up Sock class or Suzie for Mittens on Double Pointed Needles or Barb for Finishing Techniques: Seams. We look forward to seeing you in class!

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