Friday, January 08, 2010

Winding up 2009

So in the past couple of days I have identified all the yarn in my house that is going into a project for 2010, and I've been winding it up. It's a good thing I have a ball winder and a swift or it would have taken me much longer!

Sorting and winding have taken on a contemplative air and I'm getting excited about some of the projects that I have planned. There are more pairs of socks than I can realistically finish knitting in a year - but hey the first pair I have planned are slipper socks in magenta and lime from Berocco Vintage so they should knit a bit faster as it is worsted weight yarn.

I wound a bunch of yarn I'm using in an afghan project. I was having such a good time winding and organizing that I even re-wound several skeins of Noro Silk Garden destined for a scarf and Noro Taiyo that I just couldn't resist taking home from the shop. (Those Noro yarns can certainly benefit from a whirl on the ballwinder!)

I topped off my work with a gorgeous shade of Manos Wool Classica for more of CraftyHedgehog's Frog Princes..

Now that I've 'wound up' 2009, I'm all set for knitting in 2010 :)

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