Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Manic-In Monday

This week's outfit is another oldie but goodie... for a variety of reasons.

1) It's a hoodie. I love hoodies. I own a number of hoodies. Do I ever wear the hood? No. But if you gave me a choice of two sweaters, one with a hood & one without... I'd choose the one with the hood.

2) It's long. Do you know how cold it can be up here in VT? Last year I switched my daily outerwear. I went from a short down jacket to a long down jacket. That extra layer of warmth around my bum and legs makes such a difference! I love long sweaters too for this very reason. It's like having a portable throw... your legs are covered up at your desk. Much easier than toting a lap blanket around the office.

3) It's stylish. The stitch patterning (cables, bobbles & bumps!) and edgings on this sweater are simply gorgeous. And the drape of this baby? WOW!

Sweater: Parchesi Vest from Berroco Book 264; knit with Berroco Peruvia yarn
Scarf: Funky and quick, knit from 2 skeins of On-Line Pike

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