Thursday, January 28, 2010

Well, shake it up, baby, now!

Twist and Shout!

That's right, Malagrigo Twist is here, and we're SHOUTing it from the rooftops!
It's an awesome plied baby merino wool from Malabrigo. Barb lugged all the boxes upstairs the other day and had the awesome job of unloading it all! She couldn't resist... she had to take a skein home and start a project. She's making the 3x1 ribbed hat.
This hat, if you hide your ends nicely, is reversible!
Now how about that?Pattern is here, and free.
PLEASE NOTE: She's using 9 US needles and 80 stitches. You'll need to edit your decreases on this pattern to make it work.

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