Saturday, September 12, 2009

We're on a mission!

To knit with Mission Falls, that is!

We carried Mission Falls 1824 Wool and 1824 Cotton years ago, until they switched mills, and had some issues with production. Then they fixed the issues (sort of!) and switched distributors. Even though these yarns were two of our TOP selling yarns, we decided to drop them until they worked out the kinks.

Well folks, they've worked out the kinks! They've had no issues for a couple of years now, and that's a long enough trial period in MY book. So they're back in stock in our shop and we're all now itching to start new projects. (This has been a BAD week for us... we've had over 600 pounds of yarn arrive this week and it's all been very tempting!)

1824 Cotton is just awesome. We have all the old pattern booklets that we carried before and all of their new pattern booklets. We have always loved this yarn for babies and kids, and in all the years we weren't stocking it, there has been no price increase! So it's still $5.60 per ball, which is a great price for this yarn. It's also now available in 8 variegated shades, which we hear are the MOST popular... we'll see! The variegated shades are a reasonable $6.50.

(Shawn's potholder crochet class is PERFECT for one skein of 1824 Cotton... maybe I need some new potholders for my kitchen?)

The 1824 Wool is 100% merino wool and it's just like Charmin! In that you can't stop squeezing it, that is...I have some crocheted granny squares in this yarn at home that I've been meaning to finish for over 2 years now. With this yarn back in stock at the shop, this granny square project has moved up the "to do" list I think! There are new colors that have been added since we discontinued it, and the new colors really add life to the overall palatte. There are also some tri-colors which are beautiful, they cost just a bit more than the solids.

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