Thursday, September 10, 2009

Manos Anthology Blanket Errata - Find it here first!

The Manos Cotton Stria Baby Blanket Collection has been a really popular book recently. Lots of people are making baby blankets from this book, and it's easy to see why - it includes 6 blanket patterns and a hooded towel pattern, and they're all really cute!

But one of our customers called and was having some problems with the Anthology blanket. She was following the directions exactly but it wasn't working out. I looked at the pattern for her, and agreed - there was a problem. So I went on a bit of a hunt for possible corrections.

There's already one errata for the book - a portion of another blanket pattern (
the Concentric Squares Baby Blanket) was missing from the book. Manos has already addressed this issue by including the errata - a correction page - in our shipments of new pattern booklets and it should be available soon on the Manos del Uruguay website. It's also been posted in this thread on Ravelry if you received a book without the correction sheet.

In all my searching, I found no mention on the Manos website (or on Ravelry) of corrections to the Anthology Blanket. So I called our Manos distributor and asked them for help. They too had been hearing from knitters who were encountering problems in the Anthology blanket and I was told that someone was looking into the issues.

A few days later I recieved a phone call and we now have the errata for the Anthology blanket. This isn't posted on the Manos website yet, but here it is:

Anthology Baby Blankets (page 17)
Pattern 2: Bobble
CO 39 sts (not 41 as printed)

Anthology Baby Blankets (page 18)
Pattern 4: Diagonal
Row 1 (set up row)(RS): k2, *yo twice, k4* repeat to end, k2

I hope this helps some knitters avoid frustration. Happy knitting!

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