Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chilly? Think Holiday Cheer!

'Tis the season...for the numerous phone calls asking "Do you sell handknit holiday stockings?" or "Can you tell me of anyone who can knit holiday stockings to match our family collection?"

Unfortunately the shop's focus is selling knitting supplies and helping knitters to improve their techniques. So for those of you wanting handknit holiday family heirlooms, take the plunge and learn to knit!

Once you have the basics of knitting down, making a holiday stocking is a great project! It's a good way to knit learn all types of new knitting skills, and once you've done a stocking, making socks for yourself will seem easy. Stockings are fun and don't take long to knit, so come on in and let us help you pick out a kit or a pattern to make your own family heirlooms.

Worried about that intarsia colorwork? Think you'll need some assistance learning how to overstitch letters so you can personalize your work? Want to learn how to add an afterthought heel to socks so you can knit the entire piece in the round? Maybe you just need that extra assistance to finish up your toe decreases and graft the piece together with the Kitchener stitch? Well, sign up for our Holiday Stocking Class. Each year people ask for it, and this year we've got a great one! The class is designed around a really flexible pattern; you get to choose the colors and motifs that will be worked into your project - and the end result will be one of a kind. You'll get practice reading a chart as well as first hand instruction for all the techniques listed above. In the class you will create a small swatch and learn these techniques… then you'll head home to apply these new skills while making your first stocking your own way, on your own schedule.

And if you've mastered stockings, or just don't need any more, why not make some gorgeous ornaments? These beautiful decorations look wonderful on the tree or hanging in a window, and they make perfect holiday gifts for teachers, family and friends. We've got two classes for those coming up soon, and whether you take this one or this one, you'll be on your way to gift completion!

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