Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blanket update!

So I finished the second double blanket for the Refugee Resettlement Program. I took it home this past weekend, and did all of the seaming and then finished all of the ends. I have to say, Encore is SO easy to seam! It was really a pleasure to put this blanket together. It's really beautiful! Here's a picture of it (before I finished it!): Lucy tried to snuggle up in it, but I promptly shooed her away once I took the photo. She's pretty cute, but I needed her to stay away from the blanket!We are still working on the last seams on the fifth and final blanket, and that should be done this week. Shawn is trying to set up a time with the folks over at the RRP so that we can go over and present them with all 5 blankets. We're so excited to be this close to actually giving them the blankets! They are all gorgeous - I can't wait to see pictures of all of them.

We do still have some prizes to give away, as promised! Everyone who participated in this program in any way (knitting squares, arranging squares and/or seaming squares) will be entered into our prize drawing. We'll let you know when we do it, and who wins.

In other news, it sure feels like fall here in Vermont! The leaves are changing colors and even starting to drop. This dip in temperatures has caused the shop to be bustling each day with normal fall activity. Folks have been coming in to check out our new yarns and patterns, and to see what projects are hot right now. Lots of people are already thinking holiday knitting, and that's great! (I wish I were that organized!)

And Helen finished her beret last week, here's a quick picture:She loves it and has been wearing it a lot... obviously not for warmth, but it is a big fashion accessory for a fifth grader! Her friends are SUPER jealous! Maybe they should sign up for our Kid's learn to knit class, so they can make their own!

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