Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Cassidy is almost finished!

I am looking forward to the upcoming long weekend to finish up some knitting projects. The Cassidy Sweater for Liz (from Chic Knits) is almost done (I used Berroco Vintage Wool - it's gorgeous!)

I have finished all the pieces, and now just have to assemble it. I actually like putting a sweater together, but only if I am the one who knit it. I never do increases and decreases on the edge stitch and I even use short row shaping for shoulders and sleeve caps to make a smoother seam. All I have to do is pre-read the pattern to plan for these changes along the way, and the sweater is easier to finish.

Once Cassidy is finished, I need to finish the Wrap Me Up by Knitting at Knoon. This is close to being done, but I reached a point where it was just too hot to work on it. A couple of weeks ago it was high humidity and almost 90 degrees out, and I just couldn't bear to have almost 1000 yards of worsted weight yarn on my lap! The evenings are now cooler so I plan to finish this project soon.

What next? Maybe the Twist from Chic Knits (another one for Liz), but I can't decide on yarn for that one yet. Our Mission Falls 1824 Wool is arriving next week so maybe that one?

Or...I could really use a new vest and I've been looking at the Debbie Bliss Rialto or Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool each time I pass the back room. I guess I'll just have to set aside some time to look at all the new patterns that just arrived!

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