Thursday, September 17, 2009

Creative minds at work

Last week my husband was on a business trip for his job at Nokian Tires. He went to the company headquarters in Nokia, Finland, and brought back an interesting hat.Hmmm. I wondered if it was a new Finnish fashion trend. I doubt it! It's likely something to do with the company, as orange and black are the colors of Vianor, a northeast chain of tire and service stores owned by Nokian.

At first I laughed, especially when Marc put it on his head and modelled it - it wasn't exactly flattering on him, and bright orange isn't really his color. But then I started thinking... it was a nice shape, and with a cool yarn and a few tweaks, it could be a really fun hat. As knitters, we have the ability to see something and improve upon it.

I brought it in to the shop, and it's given us all a laughs. It has even allowed us some time for reminiscing about our childhood, you know, playing with "trolls" - the AGDs of my day.We're always looking for new designs and this may just be a starting point. Who knows what we'll come up with? Stay tuned.

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