Friday, September 25, 2009

30 FAB Af Fabs!

That's right, we've got 30 custom colorways of the Ab Fabs in stock. Here are some:
And here are some:
And here are a few more:
Here's the deal: Our US distributor of Colinette is no longer the distributor of Colinette... they have a lot of yarn left, but only certain fibers, and only in certain colors. The Ab Fab is such a huge success that they took all the component yarns from the Ab Fab kits and went out into their warehouse and with the colors they had left in those exact fibers. They came up with some amazing custom colorways.

They need to get rid of their inventory, and it's actually quite creative of them to do this! We ordered about 15 or so colorways several of weeks ago. We had them here in the shop, and most of them sold before we even put them online. We put the few remaining kits online, and within a couple of days, they were gone.

So we called our distributor and said "PLEASE! Do you have any of these yarns left? Can you make up more kits since we have already sold all of them?" They were able to, so we have those original 15 or so colorways back in stock now.

Then I asked them what else they could do. I knew they still had yarn left and I thought there HAD to be more wonderful combinations. They went to work and sent me photos, and viola! We now have 30 different custom colorways of Ab Fabs.

These kits are THE SAME as the regular Ab Fabs. They contain ALL of the yarn needed to make the Ab Fab afghans. They contain the EXACT SAME pattern. The only difference is that they are on sale. They're on sale because the distributor is getting rid of the yarns and they gave us a discount, so we are giving you a discount. They are final sale.
We have them all photographed online, and a few hanging in the shop. We do have one of each hanging in the classroom. So if you are a local, please feel free to come in and see them in person. Just be warned, it's hard to make a decision. Trust us, we know!

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