Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rustic Tweed - a new favorite yarn!

It is already mid-September and we continue to receive new yarns here at the yarn shop... it's amazing! The Queensland Rustic Tweed yarn arrived last week, and it's just gorgeous. I took a skein of it home for my weekend knitting project and boy was it great to knit with!

This yarn has a wonderful hand and the variation to the color is incredible. It's one of my new favorites... Wait! How many can I have? I think I'm over the limit. The skeins are quite large (278 yards) so I was able to make a nice scarf from just one skein.

The yarn label states that the gauge is 4.5 sts/inch, but that's not correct. It is just too loose at that gauge, plus the rep said it was a sport weight. So we are classifying Rustic Tweed yarn as a sport weight yarn.

I enjoyed knitting with it so much that I am now in search of a sweater pattern to make with it. Maybe the

Bimini by Dolce Handkints... or the On Your Toes Sweater by Green Mountain Spinnery. I may have to toss a coin to decide!

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