Thursday, September 04, 2008

Harry potter favorites

Pre-orders for the Opal Harry Potter sock yarn are certainly going strong, as we've sold way more than the first (October) shipment. But I've just placed my reorder for November, and David, from Opal, says we should have it by mid-November, if not a bit earlier. Our official licensed and Warner Brothers sanctioned Harry Potter sock poster arrived today. People are really excited about this yarn! I mean hey, if you have to wait until next summer for the movie, you can at least get a head start on your socks! We are offering free bamboo sock needles (size 0, 1, or 2) with the purchase of every 3 skeins of HP yarn. Who doesn't need extra sock needles?

So far all of the colors are selling FAST. But the 3 most popular ones are Tonks, Hedwig and Dumbledore, all tied for the lead. Following in a very close second is Harry.

Last night I worked on my Rocketry baby blanket. I'm using the Dream in Color Classy yarn that was left over after I made the Rocketry baby sweater. Again, I am taking much creative liberty with this pattern! I like the idea of making 6 randomly striped garter squares (worked modularly) but having already knit a garter stitch afghan in strips... and dealing with the seaming issue... thanks, but I think I'll pass on that. A much smarter way to deal with this, is to piece the squares together as you knit. It makes a much nicer seam from one square to the next.Modular knitting is fun! Look at the scarf Barb just made with Berroco Jasper! It's the Iknitiative Cornerstone Scarf pattern and it's really cute. Just needs blocking... And while we're viewing one of Barb's projects, check out this one! This is the gorgeous Christmas stocking that Barb for one of Barb's knitting classes this fall. She used 3 classic colors of Cascade 220 Wool yarn and the result is spectacular. Don't you think? It kind of makes me want to make one for my husband, since he's the only one in my family without a handknit stocking... we'll see.

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