Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Harry Potter & Jojoland

I just called this morning to place another order for November delivery of Opal Harry Potter sock yarn. We've sold so much already, and a lot of our local customers who don't use their computers as much haven't even really heard of it yet. I predict that even though we're ordering a lot more in each color than we've already sold, it will sell out quickly.

I checked on Opal's website and we are the only Harry Potter store in Vermont! There are a lot in Maine and New Hampshire, but I'm surprised that not more stores signed up as program stores.

If you haven't reserved your Opal Harry Potter sock yarn yet, it's not too late. The October shipment is long gone, but we can have your yarn in November, over a month before it hits other stores. And we are still offering a free set of bamboo double pointed knitting needles with every THREE balls of Opal Harry Potter sock yarn purchased.

Fall is definitely in the air here in Vermont. Vermont is known for it's amazing fall foliage. With just the right combination of climate, soils and tree species, our fall foliage is spectacular, and we have years and years of tourist data to prove it! People come from all over the country to see our leaves. It's definitely my favorite time of year, I only wish it lasted a little longer! There are some days when you can be driving anywhere around here - but I usually find it's between here and the Stowe/Waterbury exit - that the leaves are so brilliantly colored on the mountains and hills along the highway - in different shades of reds, golds, oranges, greens and browns - that they appear so incredibly 3-dimensional. Almost un-real! And then just when you've decided that it's at the peak (is today peak? yesterday was peak! no tomorrow will be peak!) we get a windy fall day and -poof- it's over. Sad!

Another great thing about fall is that we get to start wearing all of our handknit sweaters! I've been wearing some scarves and shawls around the shop recently - because I find it so hard to dress since it can be 35 degrees in the morning and 75 in the afternoon. I usually wear a t-shirt, and then I can wear a sweater in the morning when it's still cold, but switch to a shawl or a neck scarf in the afternoon.

Speaking of shawls, I just ordered Jojoland yarns today, so we will soon have the Melody and Ryhthm yarns (and their cashmere!) and the Swirl shawl patterns. The Swirl shawl is a beautiful shawl and it's fun to make. We've had a lot of people asking about it recently and my rep just happened to be coming today, so we're getting it. And don't worry - we are going to sell the patterns by themselves, meaning you don't have to buy the yarn and patterns bundled in a kit. That's just not how we operate here. I'll let you know when it all arrives!

In the meantime, get out there and enjoy this gorgeous fall weather...

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Sandra said...

Any chance you will be offering a beginning sock class? I'd love to learn how to make socks and have a few Harry Potter fans who would love these.