Monday, September 22, 2008

Just another manic Monday

I used to love that song by the Bangles... way back, we're talkin. And all Mondays at Kaleidoscope Yarns are pretty "manic" - as in frenzied. We got in a bunch of boxes from UPS and so were able to fill some backorders on Plymouth yarns, Tilli Tomas yarns and some Inox Pearl Gray knitting needles. And Mondays are always busy for us in shipping - people like to sit at home on Sundays and order yarn... at least that's always been true for us.

Today I got a phone call from an internet customer of ours who had just received one of our knitting kits - the cabled neck wrap, which uses the oh-so-soft Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky yarn. The customer was confused with the cable directions. It turns out she had never cabled before, and was confused about how to do it. A cable is easy, once you've done it. But sometimes it's hard to understand many knitting directions without a bit of a visual aid. I tried to explain it several different ways, and realized that no matter how hard I tried, this poor customer needed a visual explanation. She didn't have a yarn shop near her, and I really wanted to help her. So I asked her to Google "how to knit a cable" and VOILA! There's a great little video that comes up as the number one search result. She watched the video and was thrilled that I had helped her. Well, okay, I didn't actually help her, since she couldn't understand my several explanations... but I did help her to realize that you can find great online help if you are in a pinch. So that counts!

We will actually be adding some video clips to the site in the next few months. I'm not sure how many we'll add, as it is our busy season now... but we're going to start with a few "how-to's". It should be fun.

Speaking of new things on the website, today I added the Ozark Handspun yarn,

the Ozark Handspun Opulent yarn (this has more mohair), and some great new Della Q knitting bags... the Molly Messenger Bag,the Isadora Tote Bag and the Chloe Tote Bag.

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