Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My own version of Olympic knitting

What a great Labor Day weekend we had here in Vermont. The weather was outstanding - I'll go so far as to say the best of the summer...

We finished up last the first partial week of school last week. The girls started on Wednesday, and wouldn't you know it, back to school, with all those kids Sophie came home Thursday night (the second day of school!) with a fever. So she missed Friday, and hung out with us here at the yarn shop while I worked. Apparently she had some fun with my camera, as this is what I found this morning.
I think she was a)playing with the camera and b)trying to see just how sick, pathetic and mad (that last picture is freaky!) she could be. In truth, it was just a little fever and some aches. And she felt good enough to help with a recent mailing we did to some of our local customers... see? So clearly she was ACTING with the camera. I'll have to ask her about it... That's right, put'em to work. That's my motto. Hey, what kid doesn't enjoy playing with stickers, anyway? By the way, if you are a local and did not receive a postcard, plese stop in and make sure you are listed properly in our system. We have something for you at the counter...

On Monday we headed over to Lake Placid, NY with some friends. What a gorgeous day! We met at the Charlotte Ferry and while waiting to board, ran into our friend and customer Carlie, who was with her husband and some friends. They were on their road bikes, and had a whole glorious day planned, biking up and down the New York side of Lake Champlain.

Once we reached the New York side, we headed to Whiteface. We can see Whiteface from our bedroom window and we've always wanted to check it out. We drove up the auto road and then headed to the tippy top. WOW. It was warm, breezy (sometimes a bit too breezy!) and clear. Just perfect. This is Marc and Helen checking out the view of Lake Placid. That was a little too close to the edge for me!We worked up an appetite so we stopped at the A&W for some great food and root beer. It hit the spot. Then we cruised the town of Lake Placid, got some ice cream, and headed home. It was fun showing the kids some of the Olympic arenas (those ski jumps are terrifying!) especially since they were all jazzed after the recent summer Olympics.

I managed to knit quite a bit in the car, though it was a little dizzy-ing. The roads were winding, some were bumpy, and I had to keep looking up to see the scenery. By the time we got to the return ferry, I just sat back and enjoyed this beautiful part of the world that we live in.I did manage to complete the sleeves to my cute little Rocketry sweater, out of Dream in Color Classy yarn. AND I ripped out the entire ribbing (the directions were not the best in my opinion) and re-knit it. After looking at the completed Rocketry sweaters on Ravelry, I am further convinced that I did the right thing in re-doing the ribbing. I really hate having to re-do things. But the feeling of satisfaction you get when you know you did something right makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?

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