Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall is here

Brrrrr - fall is in the air! Last night I went for a run and an hour later returned shivering, with teeth chattering. The temperatures drop quickly around here when the sun sets, and even after a 5 mile run I was freezing! I think the temperature had gone down about 15 degrees. After a hot shower I quickly cozied up in some flannels and pulled out my latest knitting project - the Rocketry baby blanket in Dream in Color Classy yarn. It's coming along nicely!I definitely think that doing it all in one piece is the way to go. When I get to the edging I will need a long needle - as I plan to do all four sides at once. I'm actually psyched! it will give me a chance to try out the new Addi Turbo Lace Knitting Needles. We recently added more sizes in the Addi Lace needles - we now go up to US size 9 in 60". I will use a 7 US in a 47". They've gotten such wonderful reviews, but I already own just about every Addi Turbo and a Denise Kit, so I couldn't justify buying one until now.

On Tuesday we received a shipment from Euro Yarns, a division of Knitting Fever, Inc. I ordered some awesome new yarns, and Michele, Kalen and I spent ALL day unpacking them, putting them out, getting them online, and re-merchandizing the shop. It was exhausting, but worth it. The shop looks great, and the yarns are really fantastic - I'm so glad I ordered them.

I got two fun novelty yarns from Louisa Harding. Customers always come in looking for those "special" yarns... and these two fit the bill. Glisten is a really cool thin ribbon that has a bit of bling! It almost looks like it has silvery droplets running down the center of the yarn. I'm going to come up with a cool scarf project that mixes Glisten with another yarn - perhaps Madil Kid Seta?

The second yarn is Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon yarn - a wide ribbon that comes in amazingly gorgeous variegated colors. It has a great glitzy metallic running down the center. This yarn can be worked alone, but I grabbed a ball of it along with a ball of the Be Sweet Mohair Boucle. I knit this simple, yet gorgeous, scarf in a matter of hours. It is really cool! Very pretty up close.Like it? Come on in and buy a skein of each and we'll give you the easy pattern. I'll have it online in the next couple of days. Didn't have time today because Kalen came up with 26 (!!) colorways our favorite hat kit - the Sara's Magic Ball hat. It took a while to get those photographed and edited today, but they're online and they look great. The hard part is deciding which one to make for myself.

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