Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Harry Potter Opal sock yarn

Okay… the Harry Potter lowdown, straight from David, my Opal Distributor.

Opal Harry Potter sock yarn is avaible for preorder! Because our yarn shop is what they call a “program store” and committed to the entire Opal/Harry Potter program, we are guaranteed 1/2 of our order (remember - they had flooding in the factory and production was affected!) This amounts to 1 bag (10 skeins) of each color (8 colors in all), and we will be getting it sometime in the beginning of October.

As a program store, should we need to reorder any of these 8 colors, we can (and will!) do so. These reorders should arrive in November.

The yarn is
online (yes, there are pictures of completed socks!) for preorder for any of you who are interested.) Credit cards will not be charged for the yarns until the day they arrive here. They’ll ship out the same day (or you’ll get a call that they are ready for pickup.)

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