Monday, September 08, 2008

Favorite Sweater #2 for fall

I have a lot of favorite sweaters for fall! But this one was not really a favorite, until our sample arrived today (thank you Karen C. - yet another superb sample from you!) and I tried it on. So here is the pattern picture straight from Loop-d-Loop Volume 1:The sweater: Peasant Blouse
The yarn: Loop-d-Loop Moss by Teva Durham. Technically a sport weight yarn.
The needles: US 11.

Yeah, I know. A sportweight knit on size 11 US needles. Is your brow furrowed a bit? Mine was, but when I saw samples knit with this yarn at TNNA in June, I immediately dug it. The result is perfect. Lightweight. Drapey. A bit sheer. Stylish. And of course I love Teva Durham's patterns. So that made it an obvious addition to our yarn selection. And here is our version, in the color Brick:
I wasn't sure about the little cable row on the lower back of this pattern. I told Karen, my knitter, that the jury was out on that detail. That I wasn't really sure how that would look on all body types.

But after carefully looking at and studying the pattern picture, I realized that the model is wearing a sweater probably 1-2 sizes too big, hence the big blousey back (and the long-long sleeves!)

So I decided to ask Karen to knit the small, and look! The back detail is not unflattering at all. It's actually kinda cute! (And the sleeves are perfect in length.) In addition to LOVING the yarn (and the color!) I really think this sweater is a great style. Cute (and different!) neckline, and awesome assymetrical cables on sleeves, and on front of sweater.

So this pattern gets added to our favorite's list. Thanks to Helen and Sophie, who helped take these two pictures. They only had to take about 15 total to get 2 half decent ones. There's something about 2 nine year olds fighting for the camera that results in very blurry pictures...

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