Monday, September 15, 2008

Look what's coming next week!

We had such heat and humidity here this weekend. Yesterday I had to run 9 miles for my training program, and I almost died. I ran on the Burlington Bike Path with a friend, and it was so hot and humid that I could barely see through the fog on my sunglasses. I was also not quite hydrated enough, and though I planned to run by North Beach and use the water fountains there midway through my run, I found out that they apparently turn OFF the water fountains when they close for the season. LAME. But yes, I should have planned better. Thankfully we had some FIERCE winds last night that have cooled things off. This week looks perfect for running... and knitting!

The cool weather has brought out the rug hookers, and in the past couple of days our rug hooking wools have been picked over... to say the least! Tomorrow I will be spending some time in the kitchen playing with dyes and wools. I've been meaning to do it for months, but summer just isn't the easiest time to stand over a hot stove. So tomorrow it is...

This weekend I went to Middlebury College - my old stomping grounds - as my niece was up for a visit. She is applying for admission next year, and wouldn't it be nice to have her up here in Vermont? Well, I didn't actually get to the campus - I just hit some shops in downtown Middlebury. Hey, I like to visit yarn shops too! Anyway, I saw one or two things that I got so excited about! So this morning I made some phone calls, and by next week we will be stocking a couple of new items...

The first is Susan Todd Recycled Needlecases. These cases are cool - they're made from recycled sweaters. NO NEW SWEATERS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF OUR BAGS! - that's directly from her website. And we love her even more because she used to live in Vermont! We have three needlecases coming - one for straights, one for circulars, and one for all needles (both!) They're really cute and very different than what we currently stock, so a great addition to our offering.

Then two new YARNS... yum yum. Next week we are getting Ozark Handspun and Ozark Opulent. These are SO sweet! They will be very popular. The textures and colors are just incredible. The best part is that we have NOTHING like this yarn. I'm all for unique things, and this fits the bill. From my quick conversation with Terri at Ozark this morning, it seems as if they are going to be wonderful to do business with - good inventory levels, pretty quick turnaround, drop shipping, WOW. I look forward to getting these two yarns and sharing them with all of you knitters!

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