Thursday, September 25, 2008

New recycled needle cases

As promised, the Susan Todd needle cases have arrived! We were all in a bit of a swoon yesterday when we opened the box. They are so beautiful - it's hard to pick a favorite. We have circular cases and straight cases, and a combo case for those of you who are switch-hitters with your needles.

Today is Kalen's 29th birthday - can you believe it!? She is getting old, like the rest of us. We'll celebrate with our traditional sushi birthday lunch one day next week when Michele is in, too.

A customer and friend of ours - Barb R. - came in the other day. Her son was a friend of Kalen's growing up, and she brought in a GREAT picture of Kalen dressed us as Pippi Longstocking many, many years ago. Kalen was mortified, but you know, it's always fun to laugh at each other's childhood pictures - I know I have a million awful ones. But this is actually a cute picture and she looks EXACTLY the same, so I told her I'd put it on the blog. Sorry Kalen!She didn't really have a good answer though, when asked why she blacked out one of her front teeth... Pippi Longstocking meets Captain Hook?

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choo choo knits said...

Happy Birthday Kalen! Libras are the best (I'm one too!). Hope you had a fantastic day.