Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Customer Project - Lickety Split

Boy were we impressed with Wendy when she waltzed into the shop last week wearing her Rafik sweater. Didn't we just let her know that the backordered Berroco Remix yarn she'd been waiting for was ready to be picked up a few days earlier?! Talk about quick knitting skills!
She came in with a mission: she needed to pick out f to replace the brass pins you see carefully placed as per the pattern instructions down the button band. Just in time for cold weather here in Vermont this year. We are glad she was so excited to share this project with everyone here.

And she should be excited! Not only does she have a cuddly new wardrobe essential but the Remix yarn is environmentally friendly, too. (If you missed that, check out Jill's earlier blog entry.)

The Rafik Sweater pattern is available in Berroco Book #303.

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