Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fun New Stuff

Seems my pile of "to do" had grown recently - I have a spot in our office where Barb puts all the new items that need to be photographed and/or put online. The other day, I realized that it really needed some attention!

So yesterday, I started with some of the new items that just needed to be photographed. We got a couple of new colors of Noro Kochoran (we're still waiting for 4 more
new ones - they are very late, if you ask me...) and 6 gorgeous colors of Louisa Harding Willow Tweed. This is one of my absolute favorite yarns. I just love the color palette, especially with the addition of these 6 new shades

We have some new shades of the Lantern Moon Silk Needlecases, and 2 brand new cases from Tilli Tomas. One is for circular needles and one is for straights.

These ca
ses are so well done - we are all very impressed with the quality. They're made with different shades of silk and batik - and each style is available in four shades. The insides are great - 14 pockets for circs or 24 for straights. There's nothing flimsy about these cases - they are well worth the price.

We also have a new yarn from Tilli Tomas called Carousel. It's a loopy kid mohair, with a hint of iridescence and a whole lotta bows. The colors are lovely and I really see this as a fun novelty yarn that will be popular for special gifts this gifting season.

That's all I got done yesterday... but the pile of new stuff is still there, and doesn't seem to have gotten any smaller. What's up with that?

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