Monday, October 25, 2010

She's baaaaack! Manic-In Monday

It's been a long summer for our gal. She took quite a bit of time off. Next year she's going to have to get it approved from management - I didn't realize we were handing out such long vacations around here!

Anyway, she's back, and she's certainly making a statement in this vest. This was by far the favorite sample from our recent Berroco Sample Night at the shop. By seeing everyone try it on, we realized that it looks great on everyone. And, it can be worn open, with a shawl pin and even belted. So two thumbs up for versatility!
Our mannequin opted to wear it with a stick pin. (If you haven't seen our redesigned shawl pin and stick pin pages online, check out! We have some great new choices for this fall and winter!) Her bag is a fun one - it's a new drawstring pouch from Lantern Moon that's coming in limited edition fabrics.

Pattern: Dickens Vest, in Berroco Book #298 Blackstone Tweed & Blackstone Tweed Chunky
Berroco Blackstone Tweed Chunky in color Ancient Mariner - #6603
Stick Pin:
Crown Tip Rosewood Pin - just $8!
Bag: Lantern Moon Swing Bucket Bag in Blue

Here's another image from Berroco - this time belted.

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