Saturday, October 09, 2010

Only a rectangle, but so much more

I got a cool "Draped Sweater Vest" from the Gap over a month ago. I think I was in a "brown" mood that day (my shopping bag contained khakis, this beige vest, and a brown t-shirt). I loved the way it looked, and the weight of it. It lived in my closet until the other day, as it hadn't been cool enough to wear it. It was so cozy and comfortable to wear - and people commented on it all day. When I took it off at the end of the day, I started folding it, and realized that it's just a rectangle. One that could so easily be recreated with some sticks and string! And since I love this vest, that got me excited.

This rectangle measures 23.5" by 49". It's all worked in one piece, with garter edging at the waist and collar. The arm openings are just bound off and then cast on again, with some ribbing added later. Piece of cake!

It reminds me of the Berroco Branna top in Berroco Book 283. We made this up (still have it!) as a shop sample a couple of years ago, and it was really popular. The Branna had set in sleeves, which I liked. But now I'm really liking this new basic rectangle version - it's certainly more easy!

I'm thinking that one of these in Ultra Alpaca Fine would be super... and then for spring, Noro King would make a great one... Yum!


P said...

Simple lines are so elegant and look deceptively challenging. Thank you for demystifying a terrific look! Can I ask, what is the approximate placement of the armholes - measurement-wise - within the rectangle?


uppitywmyn said...

If you end up with a written pattern I would buy it! I haven't seen anything like this available.

Anonymous said...

I would love more specifics on this! Or if you write it up as a pattern I would love to buy it. I love the simplicity!


Kate Moore said...

ooo so pretty! can't wait to try this one!!!