Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Log Cabin is almost complete!

So I've been working on the Log Cabin Baby Blanket in Berroco Comfort DK since last spring. I've obviously not been too diligent with this project, but recently I picked it back up and cruised through the last 6 squares. There are lots of ways to piece it together, but after lots of deliberating, I went with this layout: Last night I got the kids to bed, and sat down to seam. The only problem was, I've misplaced my pattern! I can't find it anywhere. And wouldn't you know, we're out of it at the shop. So I went on Ravelry, looked at a few finished items, and started what I "think" is the way to seam this.

I am using a 3-needle bind off to seam the squares into strips. Then I'll use 3-needle bind off to seam the strips, and then pick up on each edge and work 10 rows of garter stitch.
It's looking great so far, and I'm planning on using the red for the outer border. This was a fun project, if you don't mind weaving in a lot of ends! Twelve squares is perfect for a baby blanket. Best part is, it only took 8 skeins of Comfort DK, which is just $28! That's a great price for such a cute blanket.


Anonymous said...


I have made this before. I like what you did with the colors. May inspire me to do another one.

Lisa said...

Love this. And such a great price!!