Monday, October 18, 2010

New Sweaters for 2010

I recycled my sweaters. Yep, I took all but one of my hand knit sweaters and bundled them off to Goodwill. Even the very first sweater that I knit! Don't worry, these sweaters weren't fitting me as well as they used to and the I just didn't wear them enough because I was feeling the need to reinvent them all. Now someone else will have these sweaters to keep them warm this fall.

Unfortunately, it leaves me with quite a sweater void in my closet. And since I'm a knitter, that isn't good. So this is the beginnings of my first sweater for 2010. I am using the same pattern that I used for my very first hand knit sweater - the Yankee Knitter Roll Raglan pattern (#21).**
I also LOVE the yarn that I'm using for this sweater... Berroco Blackstone Tweed. I've been eying the new colors of this yarn that recently arrived, and I'm thinking I might have to make another sweater out of it. Because now I have a void to fill, remember!

**This is the same pattern that we'll be using for our Knitting A Sweater for the First Time class that is fast approaching! If you want to try your hand at knitting this, there are still a couple of spots left. And don't worry! We'll tackle a much smaller child's size sweater in class so that after class you'll be all set to go for a sweater of your own.

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