Monday, July 19, 2010

Berroco Remix: We love it, but what exactly IS it?

We have a lot of new yarns on our shelves right now, and one I am most excited about is Berroco Remix. I just love the feel of this yarn. It's really soft and wonderful to knit with! It's easy to care for (machine washable!) and it comes in gorgeous tweedy shades. But that's all on the surface. Here's a behind the scenes look at something that makes this yarn super special.

(Following text courtesy of Berroco, Inc.)

Berroco Remix:

Reduce, reuse, recycle. How are you greening your knitting? Reducing doesn't seem like much fun and reusing generally means you've had to rip out a failing project, a painful part of any knitter's process. Enter Remix, a new, 100% recycled Berroco yarn made using a low-impact manufacturing process patented in France. Remix is the result of over a year of collaborative work between mill and textile engineers...

How is it made? Garments and high-quality commercially knit fabric panels left over from the ready-to-wear industry are collected from across Europe and sorted by fiber, then color. Because these pieces are pre-dyed, there is no need to dye them again, which saves water and prevents water pollution. Instead, colors are created by carefully blending garnetted fibers. Garnetted fiber is the result of shredding old textiles to make a new, fleece-like fiber that is ready to be spun into a new yarn.

All about Remix: Remix is a soft, comfortable blend of nylon, cotton, acrylic, silk and linen. A tweedy, rustic look makes this an ideal candidate for casual knits, and its machine washability means any garment will be low maintenance and hard-wearing. The yarn comes in an abundant 216 yard ball and knits to a worsted weight gauge. Finished garments are immediately cozy, with the feeling of well-loved jeans or your favorite old tee-shirt.

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