Friday, July 23, 2010

Welcome to the World of Buttons!

We've always carried a good selection of buttons in the shop, but our non-local customers have complained that it's so hard to find a decent selection online. So we've been busy over the past few weeks getting all of our buttons up online - and we're so thrilled to announce that the project is complete! All of our current button styles are photographed and available for sale online now.
We've sorted them out in the following categories for now: Adult Buttons, Kids' Buttons, Metal Buttons, Clasps, Ceramic Buttons, Danforth Pewter Buttons, Zecca Buttons, Lantern Moon Buttons, Mission Falls Buttons, Shell Buttons and Natural Material Buttons. So take a look!

Next week we'll put up our discontinued buttons, and these will all be on super-sale!

Speaking of buttons, I finished my Sublime striped sweater last night, as promised:
And pulled some buttons that worked:And ended up with this:


Jean said...

You chose the best button for the adorable little sweater! I was in your shop for the first time in early June and can't wait to come in again this coming week while in the Burlington area for a conference. What a beautiful yarn shop!

Joy said...

You always have the best buttons! I'm so glad they're now online.

SeaGal said...

I adore buttons, and you have such a wonderful selection.
Be visiting your shop soon..