Thursday, July 15, 2010

Branching out

I've been straying a bit! Even though I have a number of knitting projects in the works, my attention has wandered a bit to other crafts. Now I'm just wishing for more hours in each day, so I can finish up some of these projects.

I still have a sleeve and the edging to do on my little striped Sublime sweater. It's terribly sweet, and I love knitting with the yarn, but I had to put it down to whip up a little doll sweater for knitting camp next week. Shawn is running the camp, and the kids are going to ma
ke an easy raglan doll (or bear) sweater and learn how to seam it together. Months ago, I told Shawn not to worry, that I'd take care of making up a pattern and knitting the sweater. Well, the other day she "reminded" me nicely that I hadn't made the sweater yet... and so I put aside my Sublime sweater, grabbed some Vintage Chunky and made this:I even finished all seams except for a few so Shawn can demonstrate for the kids. It's cute, easy and I know the kids can complete this... it only took me one evening.

And then, I got sidetracked again. We have been working on a category sort feature for all 1200+ patterns on our website... a way to narrow your search quickly - and find just the pattern you are looking for. This is a huge project on our end, and involved looking at (and through) every pattern and pattern booklet and classifying
which yarn weight(s) and category(ies) and age(s), etc.

As I was looking through the Mission Falls patterns, I found an adorable hat and scarf set that are croche
ted (Mission Falls Goes Crochet Pattern Booklet). I love Mission Falls 1824 Wool, and hadn't used it in a while. And, while I'm not a big crocheter, I do tend to go on crochet binges once in a while. I felt the binge coming on, and so I grabbed some yarn and started working on the scarf. (What's that? Is that a Sublime sweater calling my name? I'll pretend I don't hear it!) This scarf is SO much fun. I love love love it. I feel like I'm addicted to crocheted flowers now!

And to make matters worse, I've sort of gotten into a sewing project for Helen and Sophie. Their 11th birthday is in less than a month. I told them I would let them pick out some fabrics and I would make them some throw pillows for their beds. (Apparently, at this age, the idea of lounging or reading on a pretty bed with lots of soft pillows is appealing!) I'm not quite sure how making pillows turned into making pillows, 2 new reversible comforter covers AND 2 sets of new curtains. But at this point, non-sewer that I am, I'm in over my head and there's no going back.
We'll see how it all turns out!

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