Thursday, July 22, 2010

Addicted to flowers

I finished my 1824 Wool crochet project... a flowered scarf and a hat (sans flowers!) to match. And I'm sad... because I just LOVED making those crocheted flowers. This was a really fun project, and 7 balls of 1824 Wool (1 each of 7 colors) did the hat and scarf. I was really proud of the hat, but I thought there was an error in the pattern. I corrected for the apparent "error" in my own way, but now that I've finished the hat, I wanted to research it to see if anyone else had issues.

I asked Barb to look at it today. She has way more crochet experience than I do, and as an ex-CPA, she's got that number thing going on in her brain. She can look
at a pattern quickly and calculate stitch counts like it's nobody's business. Turns out, there is NO mistake in the pattern. It was a simple case of Jill "skimming and scanning" and overlooking a few key details. It's not like THAT hasn't happened before! Oops.

So let this be a reminder of how important it is to READ the pattern and UNDERSTAND it. I don't always think you have to read through the entire pattern before you start... that can be frustrating as some things will only make sense when you get to that point and have the work in front of you in your hands. But it really is important to read each STEP clearly, as you are ON that step.

The hat - though nobody would EVER know I did a few things creatively, is being redone properly. That way the sample in the shop will be exactly as the pattern intended.

And I've moved on to my striped sweater... which will be finished tonight. And then I get to start another fun project... with some fun crocheted flowers, though just a few!
The Insou Hat is knitted with Berroco Weekend, and has been on the Top 10 list of Berroco's Free Patterns for a while no
w. It's really cute, and I'm excited to make it.

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