Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Project for a wee one

We've always loved the Wee One Welcome Set pattern, from Knitting at Knoon. Over the years, it's been reprinted, and has always included a photograph that has been - in our opinion - less that fortunate. We KNEW it was a great pattern, but we also knew we weren't going to sell even ONE pattern if we didn't knit it up as a sample.

The first sample we had was made with Koigu Kersti. Loved it! So did our customers, and boy did that pattern
fly out the door. The customers would grab the sample and ask us "Where can I find this pattern?" When we pulled the pattern out for them, they'd say, "No, that's not the right one!" because the picture on the pattern was so... different. But it was the right one, and they left happy.

When we stopped carrying Kersti, we knew we had to make another Wee One. So for the second Wee One, we chose Colinette Cadenza, and once again, it was beautiful. We had many a repeat of the "Can you get me this pattern?" f
ollowed by, "Are you SURE this is the pattern?" And followed by the need to re-do the sample, since we no longer carry Colinette yarns.

This time, after having the sweater price start at around $35 (Kersti) and then go to around $30 (Cadenza), we thought we'd whip one up in a fun new yarn that would be super affordable.
We chose the Sirdar Snuggly Crofter which works up into a fair isle effect. It's adorable!
And there are 6 great color choices that work really well for babies - both girls AND boys. These 2 just arrived today, and are a bit more mature than the other 4 colors. All are so cute.
And the price of the Wee One Welcome Set in this yarn, is an affordable $21 (took just 3 skeins!) Pattern price not included.

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choo choo knits said...

What a cute (and fast looking) set! And it's nice to see in different yarns...too bad they can't update the photo on the pattern too!