Monday, August 30, 2010

Don't be afraid to experiment!

Combining different fibers can be a scary thought for many knitters. We know! We see these deer-in-a-headlight looks every day when we suggest it. But if you aren't willing to experiment, you could be missing out on some really amazing looks!

We've gotten a lot of new yarns recently - and they are all beautiful on their own. But we LOVE to mix things up. So I took a new thick & thin bulky yarn (Araucania Liwen) and mixed it with a lace weight super kid mohair, silk and lurex blend (Stacy Charles Luna). I used size 13 needles and a k1p1
simple rib pattern over 18 stitches. It's got an uneven overall texture, which makes it pretty funky - and we all like that!

The Liwen is gorgeous by itself, and I certainly didn't NEED to add anything to it. And by adding a such a thin yarn, that you can hardly SEE... what's the point?
  • Extra softness from the super kid mohair & silk blend
  • A gorgeous halo from the super kid mohair
  • A subtle color change by blending the two yarns
  • A hit of sparkle from the lurex (metallic)
It's a simple scarf made better by blending. Here are the other options I was choosing from:
The Luna (above, left) is a great add, but if you shy away from sparkle, try the Lang Alpaca Superlight (above, center & right).

Have you blended anything fun lately? Let us know!

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