Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you seeing ruffles?

We're seeing a lot of ruffles around here. From bathing suits, to trims on sweaters, and now yarns that create their own ruffles! It's definitely a trend that's catching on. Today's novelty yarns hold an important place in the yarn shop. Everybody wants them, but they want them to be unique and special. Not like novelties of 4 and 5 years ago. I think you'll agree, these "rufflers" are certainly unique!

When my rep showed me the first yarn (
Flounce, from KFI), I was completely unimpressed. To see the yarn in ball form, well, it just doesn't move you. But when you see THIS:
you're sold in an instant. Flounce is not knitted like other yarns, though. You'll want to watch this little video before you start, to be sure you don't get off on the wrong track!

The Flounce scarf is so much fun.
Two skeins makes a generous adult scarf - and one skein will work perfectly for a younger adult or kid - you would just use fewer stitches.

Another new yarn that ruffles is Filatura di Crosa Operadarte. Opera d'arte means "work of art" in Italian. What a perfect name for this yarn! It's a ribbon yarn that has a mohair picot along one edge and square eyelets along the other edge. By carrying it along with a main yarn, and working through every other square eyelet, you can create a delicate ruffle. Here's a little scarf/shawlette that Barb just finished using Superior and Operadarte (1 each).
Pattern is free with yarn purchase. Just ask for it when you buy it!

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